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graphene ExpoGraphene Expo is dedicated to graphene technology

A newly discovered isolated material with remarkable properties, the future potential of graphene and its uses are unlimited!

At Photonex Europe see companies and organisations at the forefront of high-tech graphene technology.

The exhibition will be a mix of academic organisations and commercial companies. Academic organisations will be wanting to meet with companies who can assist them in their research, they will have on show prototype devices and systems. Companies will be demonstrating their skills in areas such as systems for deposition, materials and instruments for testing and measuring graphene properties.


Company’s unique proprietary method produces the first high quality graphene layers adapted to commercial end uses

Paragraf is presenting in the Enlighten Conference Graphene and Emerging 2D Materials meeting.

Thursday 2pm:

Next-generation large-area transfer-free graphene for optoelectronic and semiconductor applications
Dr Ivor Guiney, Chief Technology Officer, Paragraf Ltd

>>see the rest of the meeting<<


Learn about Paragraf who earlier this year closed £2.9m seed round to drive first ever large-scale production of graphene based technologies

Paragraf focuses on the production of ‘two-dimensional’ materials, primarily graphene, and the development of electronic devices based on these materials. Harnessing the extremely high conductivity, superb strength, very low weight and ultimate flexibility of graphene, Paragraf’s technology is the first ever commercial-scale method validated to reproducibly deliver - MORE>>

Meet Paragraf, speaking at the conference.


Larger areas of Graphene on copper foil is becoming a popular request in our enquires

We, at Planartech, have already delivered this year a 5” CVD Graphene growth system specially for A4 size into the National Graphene Institute at ManchesterThis year, planarTECH has delivered a 5” CVD Graphene growth system specially for A4 size into the National Graphene Institute at Manchester

There is an interesting side industry that planarTECH are collaborating with regarding the use of the waste biogas product. The biogas is readily available from many sources, the most common is the fermentation of natural material matter.

An example of this growing bi-product availability is the recycling of garden and fibre waste.

planarTECHThe accelerated decomposition produces biogas, which in the raw form, has a below 50% methane content with Ammonia as the main constituents. Once “cleaned” the resulting gas is 99.99% pure methane.

The purified gas can then be used for the growth of graphene. There are several obstacles to overcome, and we at planarTECH are confident that we have the right solution for our customers.

Visit planarTECH in the Photonex Europe exhibition.


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